To raise funds to purchase a refurbished Laptop for Serena Dawson who’s laptop went to laptop heaven. As a thank you all donators will be redirected to my website and will be able to read my book about our traveling journeys for free.

Serena. “I’m going to miss this laptop as i bought it during lockdown and although it was second hand it was a beast of a pc. An m7710 dell pc. it was a brick of a thing that weighed a ton but it handled all my digital art software and all my writing needs and then some. It will be sorely missed. currently my husband has donated his nuc pc for me to use but in order to preserve all my files he basically had to take his Hard drive and ssd drive out to put mine in so now he is without a pc himself. you should see the look of pain he expresses to me every time i use it. His pc doesn’t have anywhere near the graphics capability my one had so I cant do my digital art on his. Anyway if we could just afford to replace mine we would but it was $1700 second hand so we cant afford it. Any help would be appreciated.